Why is a Will important?

A Will is an important tool you can use to care for your loved ones.

You’re not alone if you find the idea of planning for death uncomfortable. It’s not nice to think about, and many people don’t see the point of ‘putting their affairs in order’ if they feel they don’t own very much.

However, in creating a Will and ensuring you’ve planned your estate, you’re looking after the people you care about. Having a Will isn’t just about deciding where your assets go when you’re no longer here – it also protects your loved ones from additional stress at a difficult time. 

What if I don't have many assets?

Younger people, especially, may not see making a Will as a priority because they think they don’t own enough to worry about.

For example, if you don’t own a home, you might feel you don’t need to bother with a Will. But you may be surprised about how many assets you’d leave behind if the unexpected did happen.

Most Australians have a superannuation account and, depending on how long you’ve been working and contributing, it could be worth a significant amount. Any shares or other investments also count towards your estate – as do any collections you may have, such as jewellery, tools, handbags or stamps. Your car counts, too.

Look around your home and your accounts and super – how much do you really own? When you die, it all has to go somewhere.

Most of what you own is probably simple to organise in a Will. Organising beneficiaries for your super requires some other steps, but your super fund can help you with this. 

What if I don't have any dependants?

If you don’t have a partner or children, is a Will important? Yes. There are people who you care about and who care for you – your parents, your relatives, your friends. Including these people in your Will not only ensures that your property is safely and legally distributed, it’s also a way to show your love and assist them when you’re no longer around.

There is also the option of leaving assets to a charity or a cause that matters to you.

What if I'm not worried about my relatives dividing up my assets?

Another reason why people think they don’t need a Will is that they believe their relatives will be able to sort out their assets without a lot of trouble. Even in cases where your relatives do get along and would divide your assets without argument, organising such things is stressful.

Your loved ones are already dealing with your loss. If they don’t have a Will to refer to then they have to find all your assets, consult with each other about what to do with them, and then navigate government red tape to make sure it is done legally.

You protect your loved ones by leaving a Will. It lays out your assets and your wishes and acts as instructions for the people you love, saving them additional stress at a difficult time. Take a little trouble now to sort out your Will, and you – and your loved ones – will never regret it.

Create your Will for free with Ezicover and Willed ?

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“Having a Will protects your loved ones from additional stress at a difficult time.”

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